Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Camp Arrowhead 1942 - Cherokee Fifty 1st Patch?

Camp Arrowhead served the Birmingham Area Council from the early 1940's to 1971.  Located on the Coosa River near Clanton, AL it was the home of Cherokee Fifty Lodge.  Cherokee was the first lodge in the Deep South (outside of Wichita in Texas - if you include them as Deep South) and did not produce an official OA Patch until 1950.  The first patch was the R1 Cut Edge Round.  Or was it?  Many of the Lodge members were Staffers at Camp Arrowhead.  In 1942 the Camp issued for the first time a felt sewn patch made by Standard Pennant out of Pennsylvania.  Prior to this all patch has been "Flocked Pressed Hard Felt".  However this patch was different and came with an Arrow through the Arrowhead.

Old timers explained that this was given to them if they were a member of Cherokee Fifty Lodge on Staff.  The Arrow facing upward to the right was correct for the time.  So the debate would be "is this the first lodge issued patch" from Cherokee.  If it is it would be the second oldest OA issue in the State of Alabama.  Only Achunanchi 135's "Blue Owl" issued in 1940 would be older.  Whether an OA issue or not, this is one rare patch.   

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  1. Wow, Always wondered where we went on those Boy Scout camping trips.
    Troop 18 from Ensley,, must have been 1968 and 69.
    Left out on a bus from 5 Points.
    Many adventures there.


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